Iqaluit City Guide for iOS and Android

About SikSik

SikSik is the best way to navigate Iqaluit, featuring the city's first-ever detailed and interactive mobile street map, complete with business listings, local news and current weather conditions.

Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada is a place where the streets have no names. Well, they do have names, but no one uses them. Hop in a cab and simply say the house number, and you'll get there.

Until now, residents and visitors have had no way to easily find their way from House 1625 to House 3102. Save time and hassle by searching for the house or business you want, and clicking the navigate button (the arrow) on the corresponding page.

SikSik saves you time and money, getting you to your destination quicker, and giving you the confidence to wander the city on your own without having to call a cab to take you two blocks away (of course, if you need a cab, our search function can help you with that, too).

Warning: Please drive safely. Pay attention to the road.

[Location accuracy is high but not guaranteed to be perfect. Directions are provided by a third-party and may be inaccurate.]

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      I think this is a very good idea. Push notifications are already built into the app, so I will make such updates a priority over the next few weeks. Will test out with GN, City of Iqaluit, and school cancellations. Perhaps also NorthMart and Ventures. Any other items of interest to all residents?

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